Weekend Intensives

Find Your


Inner Child Weekend

We can call it your inner child or we can call it your highest self. Either way it is that all knowing part of you. The part that speaks to us always yet we only hear it when we get real calm and quiet.

This weekend will be a combination of healing, releasing what no longer serves and getting comfortable being with that wise self we truly are.

We will do some meditating, exercises (energetic) , walking on the beach, eating organic food and being.

This is a great time to remember your true essence. You can go back to your life whole and grounded.

With zero physical changes your life will automatically shift to match more closely your true self.

  • Cost: TBD
  • If you are interested, please contact me for more info
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Recalling Your Path

We all know what we are here for. Well when we first get here and into our childhood then we forget.

Too often we are taught not to be dreamers. To plan our lives in a way that makes sense to the masses.

To conform to the fear based way of our world. Gotta plan and save cause God forbid what if….!

All the while our truth screams at us. We become ill, diseased, addicted, anxiety prone and the list goes on. Our heart and soul is saying be you, follow your path. Yet fear says Hell no be afraid. Act out of fear. Prepare for your future.

This weekend will be filled with love and space for you to recall and connect with your path. You will see that our path is a knowing and a feeling. It is never a planned out path. Yet when you connect with it the peace is palpable. You know instantly that all is well. And in this space the outside influences are no longer relevant.

The only way to your path is within you.

The weekend is cell phone free and will be a coming home to you. We will serve organic food to nourish your body while you heal find your soul.

  • Cost: TBD
  • If you are interested, please contact me for more info
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what people are saying

My hero. This woman is my everything. I honestly don't know how I could ever survive without her. I met Heather over 3 years ago, VERY randomly, but I now know it was an act of God. I had the most life changing, spiritual, overwhelming and healing session with her the day I met her. The next day I quit my job and have successfully been consulting ever since.

Isabelle M

Before I started having sessions with Heather, I was struggling in school.  I was in my sophomore year of high school and I didn't even want to try anymore.  Then we started sessions with Heather and she picked up on this and told my mom that I didn't have ADHD.  She said she believes I am an empath and that makes it harder for me to concentrate.  I quit my IEP and the learning center class immediately after that and my grades have never been better.  I just finished my junior year with almost all A's and B's (my only C is in chemistry), I'm playing football, and I just got my first summer job.  Most importantly, I am happy and looking forward to my future.  This is all after only maybe 4 sessions I had with Heather and a handful of sessions my mom had with her.  I know if anything comes up in the future that she will be there to help.  I can never thank her enough for that peace of mind.

Heather is a God-send! Everything I needed and didn't even know I wanted-- she provided as a healer in this one deep-healing hour (session) of my life. I can't thank her enough. She really is all the amazing things that our other fellow Yelpers have mentioned, if not infinitely more. When Heather listed that she's a psychic, I believe it... because she knew things not one other soul would have known.

Nora S.