The Highest State of Awareness : Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the highest state of awareness. It is a state of going within and connecting to your inner wisdom. I believe with all my being that everything we ever need to know is within us.

Hypnosis quiets the chatter that blares over our knowing. It creates a space to ask questions, find answers and change (instantly) ineffective thinking patterns.

We will start with a discussion to be clear on your goals. Then I will begin to help you relax into a deep state of relaxation mostly using imagery. The ultimate goal will be what was decided by you before the induction into a hypnotic state.

Although you will be deeply relaxed you will be aware of what is happening. Contrary to what we are so often shown about hypnosis, it is actually a heightened state of awareness.

The session is about assisting you in learning about yourself, being clear on things and either keeping or letting go of what no longer serves your highest good. The session will ALWAYS be. guided by our initial consultation.

There are no limits to the uses for hypnosis. A few examples:

Asking what your body needs to heal from emotional pain, physical pain, illness and disease.

Learning the best path for you to take in work, relationships, health, fitness, living situations etc.

Discovering why you developed certain self defeating patterns and reframing the belief to change the patterns.

Help with addiction, anxiety, sadness, grief, confusion to name a few.

This is not ever meant to replace any medical professional, mental health professional, legal professional in any way. It is simply a way to get quiet and allow your inner knowing to guide you in the right direction. It is a time to leave the outside world behind and listen to what you already know. To reframe your beliefs, thinking and behaviors so that you can begin to live a life of ease, inner peace, calm and clarity.

For me it always amazes me how much we all carry around without even knowing it. We are told what to think before we can even begin to filter out those beliefs. It is an inevitable part of our society. Hypnosis allows us to see where our beliefs come from and allows us to keep or discard them based on our highest good. What I have shared is a drop in the bucket compared to the possibilities available with hypnosis.

Go into it with an open mind and know that your highest knowing will guide you where you are meant to go. We are born with all the knowledge we will ever need. The trick is to get real quiet and tap into that knowledge.