Find Your Life’s Purpose

One of the questions I am asked more than any is “what is my life’s purpose?” The answer is simple! What are you passionate about? What pisses you off so much you want to freak out?

Ok, do you have that answer?

Now what can you do to be the change? Not go shoot people or judge people or march in the streets in protest. And certainly not RESIST!

What can you do to be a peace of the solution? Yes I know, I said it. All that marching in the streets in protest is just feeding the problem.

You want to help women be valued? Help a young woman or girl to feel valued. Start a program that gives them a space to learn to love and value themselves.

Hate men beating on women? Find a way to help a young man or boy to learn his value. To know that he matters. To learn inner peace. To find a way to channel the anger and hatred he sees.

Hate that blacks are such victims? Work with at risk black youth to show them that there is a better way. Find a way to make a space for them to see the light. The light within them that says “ life is a gift”. Support the young black single mothers to find their way. Help them to see how important and capable they are.

Hate the president? Why? Ok now be the opposite. Not in political party, but rather with action. How can you bring weight to what you want to balance the scale? Be the solution in action.

For me I hate that foster children are treated as a problem and ignored. I hate that people 50 years later are still saying “oh yes! The system is broken”! I can help young mothers to get their children back and be who they are meant to be. I can speak about the problem to Congress, judges and anyone who will listen. I can teach social workers why compassion is so important and that being overworked is a choice they made when they took the job. And teach them how to be loving and compassionate without draining themselves. I can teach them what to look out for. I can bring survivors of the system out to speak and share what they needed and did not get.

Our passions are our guides. They show us where to start. And when we are clear on our direction the how will begin to show itself. When we own our purpose it will open up. Yes it is that simple.

We are not meant to be pissed off about what is happening all the time. We are here to be the change we wish to see in the world. So start there.

Most of all stop sitting back and allowing the unacceptable to go on around you. Stand up and be right. When you stand up it wakes the courage to do the same in others.

More than anything I show others that they know the answers they seek. So, when I am asked about one’s life purpose I now help them to find it themselves. That is my purpose. Honestly, life is simple! I promise. We are taught to complicate it. To question our knowing. To not say or think this or that as it may hurt someone. But the truth is we must come back to our knowing to find any sort of peace in the world, and ultimately to find your life’s purpose here.

“Unless your back is paved you are not meant to be walked on”