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Intuitive Healing

Healing in this context means seeing what is not you (yours), gaining the wisdom of “it”, letting it go and finding yourself more whole. We come into these bodies fully equipped to heal anything we encounter and are taught to shut that down. For me I have always, yes my whole life, been able to see what is behind an illness, dis ease, anxiety, phobia, fears and situations. I even recall being very young and laying hands on people even when they did not discuss their pain. I shut it down when an insecure person made me feel “stupid” and “foolish”. However, it never truly left. And now I have healed that wound and it is in full force.

If you are done living in excuses, lies and dysfunction then this is for YOU! My intention is always to lead you to YOUR inner wisdom. When you connect with your inner wisdom the love opens and possibilities beyond your wildest dreams become available.  

* I am not a Dr., Psychologist, Therapist or anything like these. It is not my intention to replace any of these on any level.*

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Psychic Medium Reading

When we lose a loved one it is unbearable. We wonder where they are, if they are ok,  can they hear us, when will I ever feel them here and I want to hear them can I? The thing the loved one is asking? Are they going to be okay? How can I get them to hear me? Do they know I am with them? How can I reassure them I am okay?

The thing is this… I am a medium. I can and often do spend the whole day conversing with those crossed over in the light.  I can give you messages from your loved ones that are clearly ONLY from them. I have always done it and always will. What I have come to know is that as much as that feels good for a moment to the client.. it does not offer lasting connection.

This is why I offer the opportunity to SHOW you your connection with your loved one. When you do this you can “tune” in to them. This way you can begin to let them know when you know they are there, hear them, feel them or sense them. As you learn to “feel” them they can tune in to you more clearly. This is what you are wanting. The truth is that your loved ones want to connect with you far more than you with them. So when you are ready to do this it will happen. The thing I say often to clients is ” if you passed away and left them wouldn’t you want to comfort them? ”  

I will do this in a way that ONLY opens the door to your loved one(s).

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Life Coach Session

As a life coach I will offer solutions to help with the issues you are dealing with. I will use my empathic, intuitive gifts. I have spent my entire life listening to people and offering solutions. Even as early as 10 years old I was doing this naturally. Life coaching is about helping you to find your answers for your life. When you are in the right space of remembering who you are … your life will open up in front of you with ease. This includes relationships, jobs, moves, career, life purpose etc. These sessions will be about forgetting all the reasons why or why not and remembering the truth of who you are.

For couples: We will deal with real life solutions. Remembering why you are together. Get back to loving yourself so you can be a present partner, get clear on individual needs and goals and a plan on where you are going. It is important to know our own expectations, share them with one another and find common ground.

I actually offer sessions prior to officiating a marriage to clarify the key points. Ie: Money, children, where to live, extended family, religion etc. When we are clear on these things there are no surprises. We have so many beliefs we are not aware of and it is imperative that we get clear on those so we can be present as a partner/spouse.

For adolescents: A space to get clarity on their worth. To get comfortable in their own skin. Something that is so important as we live life. I think of it this way. What would our world look like if everyone started life knowing their own worth. A space to explore who they are and where they want to go in life.

*This is not psychology, counseling or medical treatment of any kind nor is it meant to replace any of these.

  • $175 per hour
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The session is about assisting you in learning about yourself, being clear on things and either keeping or letting go of what no longer serves your highest good. The session will ALWAYS be. guided by our initial consultation.

There are no limits to the uses for hypnosis. A few examples:

Asking what your body needs to heal from emotional pain, physical pain, illness and disease.

Learning the best path for you to take in work, relationships, health, fitness, living situations etc.

Discovering why you developed certain self defeating patterns and reframing the belief to change the patterns.

Help with addiction, anxiety, sadness, grief, confusion to name a few.

This is not ever meant to replace any medical professional, mental health professional, legal professional in any way. It is simply a way to get quiet and allow your inner knowing to guide you in the right direction. It is a time to leave the outside world behind and listen to what you already know. To reframe your beliefs, thinking and behaviors so that you can begin to live a life of ease, inner peace, calm and clarity.

  • $175 per person
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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is an amazing tool to clear phobias, physical symptoms, dis ease, anxiety and blocks. I could type for days over what I have witnessed in these regressions. If you have some block in your life and no matter what you do you cannot move it.. this is a great tool.

You can of course have an outcome in mind but instead ask for the highest good to happen. Our human mind is just so limited so when we release the outcome it is always far better than we could have imagined. *I am not a Dr., Psychologist, Therapist or anything like any of these. It is not my intention to replace any of these on any level. My goal is to assist you in retrieving that parts of you left behind. I cannot say enough about Past Life Regression. It can be intimidating of course yet you are in control the whole time. If you are guided I highly recommend this awesome tool.​

  • $175 per person
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what people are saying

My hero. This woman is my everything. I honestly don't know how I could ever survive without her. I met Heather over 3 years ago, VERY randomly, but I now know it was an act of God. I had the most life changing, spiritual, overwhelming and healing session with her the day I met her. The next day I quit my job and have successfully been consulting ever since.

Isabelle M

Before I started having sessions with Heather, I was struggling in school.  I was in my sophomore year of high school and I didn't even want to try anymore.  Then we started sessions with Heather and she picked up on this and told my mom that I didn't have ADHD.  She said she believes I am an empath and that makes it harder for me to concentrate.  I quit my IEP and the learning center class immediately after that and my grades have never been better.  I just finished my junior year with almost all A's and B's (my only C is in chemistry), I'm playing football, and I just got my first summer job.  Most importantly, I am happy and looking forward to my future.  This is all after only maybe 4 sessions I had with Heather and a handful of sessions my mom had with her.  I know if anything comes up in the future that she will be there to help.  I can never thank her enough for that peace of mind.

Heather is a God-send! Everything I needed and didn't even know I wanted-- she provided as a healer in this one deep-healing hour (session) of my life. I can't thank her enough. She really is all the amazing things that our other fellow Yelpers have mentioned, if not infinitely more. When Heather listed that she's a psychic, I believe it... because she knew things not one other soul would have known.

Nora S.