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Find Your


Chakra Experience

We can read endless articles on our chakras and learn so much in our heads.  That is not what we will be doing here though. We will visit one chakra a week for 7 weeks.

Through exercises and guided meditations you will know your chakra(s) and learn to use them to keep yourself clear and on track.

There will be a week in between classes to allow you to feel and know the chakra well. The 7 weeks will leave you grounded and clear. One of the words most often used by those in the class to describe how they feel is happy.

  • $250 (Chakra stone provided)
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Group Medium Connection

The group will be given the opportunity to connect with their loved ones who have crossed. There may also be time for a few readings. I cannot guarantee that each person will receive a personal reading.

However, you will leave knowing how to hear, see and or feel your loved one.

  • $85 per person
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Aligning With The Life You Came To Live

This is an ongoing group which requires a prepayment and commitment. I will facilitate a space where we can get an energetic momentum. We will meet weekly at first and go from there.

Only those done with living a life without joy and peace need apply. If you are ready to surrender to your life’s plan then this is for you. It will be powerful and life changing.

  • $50 per person

Full Moon Letting Go

We will take and hour together to connect with and let go of what no longer resonates with your soul. The full moon is a sacred, loving and powerful energy which accelerates this process.

  • $50 per person

what people are saying

My hero. This woman is my everything. I honestly don't know how I could ever survive without her. I met Heather over 3 years ago, VERY randomly, but I now know it was an act of God. I had the most life changing, spiritual, overwhelming and healing session with her the day I met her. The next day I quit my job and have successfully been consulting ever since.

Isabelle M

Heather is a guided healer who uses her gift to turn your internal lamp up so that truth has no where to hide.  These sessions and exercises facilitate an awakening of the soul.  The energy takes a momentum of its own and the universe opens the flood gates.  My advice is to set intention before your first session and watch your map unfold.  I am so grateful to have found Heather.  She really has a special gift.

Theresa H

Heather is a God-send! Everything I needed and didn't even know I wanted-- she provided as a healer in this one deep-healing hour (session) of my life. I can't thank her enough. She really is all the amazing things that our other fellow Yelpers have mentioned, if not infinitely more. When Heather listed that she's a psychic, I believe it... because she knew things not one other soul would have known.

Nora S.