Which appointment type should I have?

If you are unsure what appointment type is best option for the Intuitive Healing, we can talk at the beginning of your session time and decide the best option for you. A “Healing Session” often uses all of the options so there is no problem starting there. My intention is always to offer the healing that is aligned with your highest good.

What process do you use in a reading for a client?

I simply pray, clear and begin. I have been receiving and sharing messages my entire life. It is important for me to hear, feel and see messages clearly and pass them on in a way which is meaningful to you.

Did you pursue and training to hone your skills?

I am a California Certified Massage Therapist. I find that keeping myself clear by doing my own healing work is all I need. I have had some training in healing types but they take me away from what I was born to do and therefore I do not use them.

How do you support the spiritual beliefs of individual clients?

It is very important to me to hold a space for my clients. In this space they connect with THEIR higher power and self. In this way they can be supported by whom and what resonates with their soul.

Is an in person reading better than a phone reading?

I am not offering phone readings at this time. Over the years I find it more productive to give readings in person.

How does life coaching differ from a therapist?

Life Coaching, with me, is about using my Empath, Intuitive and Medium Gifts to help you find your own answers. To lead you to the space where you find YOUR answers. Therapists are trained to treat psychological problems. Many people see me as an addition to their therapist. And you may well realize that you would benefit from a therapist from your inner searching.

Do you work with couples?

I have worked with couples whose weddings I have officiated. This is an area I love as it is so important to know first our own beliefs and expectations of ourselves and our partner. And once we know that then it is important to communicate that and come to an understanding. Some examples would be children, in-laws, money, jobs, housing, friends and much more. The couples I have worked with have had much success just by defining who they each are in the relationship. Like all of the work I do it starts with a prayer and opening to love for guidance. This is one of my favorite sessions to facilitate.

Do you work with children and adolescents?

Yes I love the honor of working with younger individuals. I have worked with children and adolescents and find it so gratifying. They are so easy to work with. They are more able to be honest which makes the work quick. I have found the that the most “troubled” children are sensitive like myself. Teaching them to clear and be present is very helpful. The most important thing I can say about folks this age is to see them for who they are and allow them to be them. Not every child can fit in the box they are expected to. And most of all every brain and soul is different. Honor your child as the gift they are and they will change the world. 

Do you work with families?

I have not specifically worked with a family. I do however work with many individuals in the same family. And I am willing to discuss the possibility with established clients. One thing to note is working with one person will bring change to the whole family.

Do you use any specialized tools, stones or cards to assist you in readings or healing sessions?

It is important to me to use my gifts as they are. I was born to do this work and have done it in one form or another as long as I can recall. I have used Doreen Virtue’s card app to do what I call 1 card readings in the past. I like to have a place to focus for that and use the words to begin the reading. However, I do not use any props on a regular basis. I am a lover of crystals because I feel their energy but that is for personal use.

Should I bring pictures or objects from my loved one for a medium reading?

When I do a reading or session of any kind it is important to start with zero information. My gift comes through my heart and is very clear. When I have information to begin with it is tough to stay out of my head. So please do not bring anything from your loved one unless it gives you comfort.

What should I do to enhance my healing in between sessions?

At a minimum it is important to take at least 10 minutes with your eyes closed in a quiet place like before you get out of bed in the morning to ground. If you can spend more time just seeing what you notice each day it will help your awareness. The great thing about this is it will help you to know what to do for yourself.

Have any additional questions? Reach out!

I am always happy to help you understand.