A Chance To Connect : A Medium Reading

A Medium reading is a chance to hear from your loved ones who have crossed. They want you to hear them and know they are there as much if not more than you do. I do my best to quiet myself so I can hear, see and feel the messages clearly. Because I am able to clear myself I know that what I get is for you.

Often times the people to come through are not exactly who is most expected. Yet the messages are always exactly what the client needs. To this day the desired connections have always happened. It is important before the session to take some time and let your loved ones know what you want from them. And then to let it go.

During the session it is important to relax and listen to the messages. I know a message is for the client when it was not there before I opened to the session. Be open minded even if you are not sure if this is real or not. This way you will receive the messages you are meant to hear. If something makes sense let me know. If it does not then let me know too. That way I can be sure I am able to clarify what I am getting for you. It is my intention to use the entire hour to share messages clearly.

I do not use props, objects or any other things as I feel they are not necessary. In fact the less I know the better to start. I like to just start and see whom and what shows up. My gift comes from higher places not from my head. So the less I think about it the clearer the messages come in. So please do not share anything prior to the session. However, please let me know that you understand the messages. Sometimes I will ask questions. Not like you see on Saturday Night Live making fun of these readings. But to be sure you are getting the messages clearly.

I understand that for most people this is hard to understand. And there is much fraud which makes it hard to trust. Healthy skepticism is a good thing. Being open to the messages is also a good thing.

After the session it is important to take some quiet time to reflect and feel the messages you received. These readings are quiet emotional so be gentle with yourself. I believe with all my heart that if you are meant to have a reading with me you will know it.